Annual Sports 2021-22

Annual Sports Day was organized on 14th January, 2023, by the Well-Being Club of Pillai College of Education and Research, New Panvel for the M.Ed. and B.Ed. student teachers of the Academic year 2021-22 and 2022-24. The aim of the sports day was to raise awareness about the values of sports, including discipline, perseverance, sportsmanship, and teamwork. The competition was between groups, and the games organized included the Potato Race Relay, Book Balance Relay, Water Relay, Crossing the River, Tug of War, Basketball Relay, Relay 4×50 meters, and Dodgeball. All students participated enthusiastically.

Indoor Games 2021-22

Indoor games were organized by Pillai college on 28th March, 2022 under the supervision of mentors from B.P.Ed. section. Students were guided by the rules of each game, and students participated with zeal and enthusiasm These games include Table-tennis, Chess, and Carrom, which not only make us feel stress-free and easy but also sensitize us towards team efforts, respect, sympathy, and empathy.

Annual Sports Day 2018-19

On 5th January 2019, annual sports day was organised for the M.Ed. and B.Ed. student teachers of Academic year 2017-19 and 2018-20. The interns from B.P.Ed. helped with the smooth conduction of the day. Mr. Girish Singh from Mahatma International School gave a detailed demonstration on how to hand our national flag. Followed by this demonstration, the GS of both the years of B.Ed. Ms. Deepa Vinod and Ms. Bonita Lasrado, took the oath along with the fellow mates. The events of the day were running race, book balancing, marble and spoon, sack race, three legged race, shot put, discus throw and tug of war.

Indoor Sports 2018-19

The last week of March and first week of May 2019 was dedicated to indoor games for M.Ed. and B.Ed. student teachers of Academic year 2018-20. We had Carom, Chess, Table Tennis & Badminton as organized by Mrs. Bindu Tambe. These games helped us to practice cognitive skills, reduce stress and one more opportunity to spend time together.

Indoor Games 2017-18

April 2018: Dr Geeta R Thakur had organised various indoor sports like Chess, Carom, Table Tennis and Badminton to stimulate the unused grey matter. Chess was tricky game, Carom game of practices and perfection, while Badminton and Table Tennis more of physical and concentration game.