Extended profile
Ex-1.1 Students on roll
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Ex-1.2 B.Ed. Sanctioned intakeview .pdf
Ex-1.3 Minority statusview .pdf
Ex-1.4 Outgoing Studentsview .pdf
Ex-1.5 Result Sheetsview .pdf
Ex-1.6 Admitted Studentsview .pdf
Ex-2.1 List of trsview .pdf
Ex-2.2 Sanctioned postsview .pdf
Ex-3.1 Audited reportsview .pdf
Extended 3.2view .pdf
Criterion -1
C -1.1.2.CPCview .pdf
C-1.1.3- PLO-CLOview .pdf
C-1.2.1 Electivesview .pdf
C-1.2.2 VACC-Brochures & course contentview .pdf
C-1.2.3-VACC-List & certificatesview .pdf
C-1.2.4-Self study courseview .pdf
C-1.2.5 Evidences & student listview .pdf
C-1.4.1- Stakeholder's feedback
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C-1.4.2. Analysis of feedback
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Criterion -2
C-2.1.1 Students Enrollmentview .pdf
C-2.1.2 Seats against Reserved Categoryview .pdf
C-2.1.3 Divyagan-EWSview .pdf
C-2.2.2 Student Diversitiesview .pdf
C-2.2.3 Differential Student Needsview .pdf
C-2.2.4 Mentor-Mentee Activitiesview .pdf
C-2.3.2 LMS Landing Pageview .pdf
C-2.3.3 ICT Students Listview .pdf
C-2.4.2 Preparatory Activitiesview .pdf
C-2.4.3 Developing Communication Competencyview .pdf
C-2.4.4 Tools of Assessmentview .pdf
C-2.4.5 Skills for Use of ICTview .pdf
C-2.4.6 Academic, Sports & Cultural Eventsview .pdf
C-2.4.7 Assignments Given and Assessedview .pdf
C-2.4.9 Internee Scheduleview .pdf
C-2.4.10 Internee Engagementview .pdf
C-2.4.12 Internship Assessmentview .pdf
C-2.4.13 Appraisal of Internsview .pdf
C-2.3.4 ICT for Learningview .pdf
C-2.3.6 Exposure to Recent Devview .pdf
C-2.4.1 Competency & Skill Developmentview .pdf
C-2.5.1 Sanction Lettersview .pdf
C-2.5.2 Ph.D. Degreesview .pdf
C-2.5.3 Teaching Experienceview .pdf
C-2.6.2 Internal Evalview .pdf
C-2.7.2 Pass Percentageview .pdf
C-2.7.4 Internal Assessmentview .pdf
Criterion -3
C-3.1.1 Funded Researchview .pdf
C-3.1.2 Grants for Research Projectsview .pdf
C-3.1.3 Support for Researchview .pdf
C-3.1.4 Innovationsview .pdf
C-3.2.1 UGC Care Papersview .pdf
C-3.2.2 Publicationsview .pdf
C-3.3.1 Outreach Activitiesview .pdf
C-3.3.2 Outreach Activitiesview .pdf
C-3.3.3 National Priority Prog.view .pdf
C-3.3.5 Awards & Honoursview .pdf
C-3.4.1 Linkagesview .pdf
C-3.4.2 MoUsview .pdf
C-3.4.3 Linkagesview .pdf
Criterion -4
C-4.1.2 ICT Enabled Classroomsview .pdf
C-4.1.3 Infrastructure Expview .pdf
C-4.2.3 E-resourcesview .pdf
C-4.2.4 Exp on Purchase of Booksview .pdf
C-4.2.5 Library Attendanceview .pdf
C-4.2.6 Educational docsview .pdf
C-4.3.2 No. of Computersview .pdf
C-4.3.3 Internet Bandwidthview .pdf
C-4.3.4 E-studioview .pdf
C-4.4.1 Expenditure Academic Physicalview .pdf
Criterion -5
C-5.1.1 Capability buildingview .pdf
C-5.1.2 Available Student Support Facilitiesview .pdf
C-5.1.3 Student Grievancesview .pdf
C-5.1.4 Student Supportview .pdf
C-5.2.1 Placement cell report + Offer lettersview .pdf
C-5.2.2 Student Progressionview .pdf
C-5.2.3 CTET Certificatesview .pdf
C-5.3.2 Report with Photographs and Noticeview .pdf
C-5.4.2 Alumni supportview .pdf
C-5.4.3 Minutes of Alumni Associationview .pdf
Criterion -6
C-6.2.3 E-governanceview .pdf
C-6.3.2 Financial Support to trsview .pdf
C-6.3.3 Teacher's Prof. Devview .pdf
C-6.3.4 Trs. Professional Devview .pdf
C-6.4.2 Funds Receivedview .pdf
C-6.5.3 IQAC Initiativesview .pdf
C-6.5.4 IQAC AQAR AAAview .pdf
Criterion -7
C-7.1.3 Waste Mngtview .pdf
C-7.1.4 Water Mngtview .pdf
C-7.1.6 Green Practicesview .pdf
C-7.1.7 Income Exp on Green Initiativesview .pdf
C-7.1.9 Code of Conductview .pdf